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Lake Air Systems


Lake Air Systems focuses on clean air for homes, businesses and institutions.

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Air Purification - much more than filtration

Clean air is no longer solely the concern of the asthmatic/allergy-sufferer or the city-dweller.  It's a fact of modern life that none of us are guaranteed clean air, in city or country, new house or old house, inside or outside.

Modern air needs purification.  Passive filtration is limited by the contaminants it can capture, the need to clean filters, and the need to replace filters - who remembers to do that?  Active purification, like that in the products we use and supply, seeks out and neutralizes air pollutants of every size, visible or invisible.

Lake Air Systems recommends Vollara air purifiers, with their unparalleled technology and impressive range of units.  Ask for a no-obligation 3-day trial.

Homes and Individuals

On cleaning day, imagine you could turn your home inside-out, letting the sun and air and wind clean everything, right to the floor and walls, much as you might air the blankets on a warm day.  Sounds great, right?  Vollara air purifiers bring the power of nature into your home, cleaning in just that way, leaving everything fresh.  Smoke, pet dander, odors, germs - gone.  Ask for a 3-day no-obligation trial.

Business and Commercial Spaces

Whether it's "sick-building syndrome", fumes from machinery or odors from the cafe down the ventilation system, Vollara makes the right purifier for businesses.  In-duct air purification units are perfect for office or industrial settings.  Ask for a 3-day no-obligation trial.

Hospitals, Hotels, Schools

Guests, students and patients expect to feel good when away from home, and it is not always easy with that many people and that many germs!  Cleaning agents can cause their own air-pollution problems.  Vollara air purifiers are available for single rooms, larger spaces or entire institutions.  Ask for a 3-day no-obligation trial.

Clean air - what else can I do?

Air purification units are marvelous and sometimes absolutely necessary in certain conditions, but often much more can be done.  Limit indoor air pollution - often multiple times worse than outdoor air pollution - by choosing "nose- and lung-friendly" decorating and cleaning products, for a good start.  Lake Air Systems offers a consulting service to help you identify and locate clean-air products for the home. 

Special Note to Realtors

Lake Air Systems offers a special real estate service: rental of commercial air purification units to maximize the success of Open Houses.

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