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Green but not Granola

Environmentally-friendly used to be synonymous with “hippy” and just about as attractive to the modern consumer. 

But there’s good news: an incredible variety of healthy, natural, sustainable and environmentally-friendly products are out there, from sources as diverse as COSTCO to Whole Foods Market.

More good news – individual choices can make a difference.  As we “green” our home environments, we improve the world’s environment – through shopping!

Variety can be overwhelming – where do I start changing the world?  Almost every conventional product (and service) has an eco-conscious alternative - if you know where to look.

·         Renovating or redecorating?

·         Health concerns, like asthma or allergies?

·         New baby?

·         Concerned about global warming?


All projects and budgets welcomed – I love to “talk green”.  We’ll start with a 30-minute, no-obligation consultation.

I work with Boston Green Tourism and I am a consultant to both organizations and brides on how to organize a “green wedding”. My own company, “Green but not Granola” was started some years ago as an effort to demonstrate that “green” does not have to be “crunchy” but on the contrary is more stylish and fashionable than ever. I follow an ever-practical, ever-fashionable green approach in my own life, choosing to re-use and re-cycle with style.

My current favorite “live green with style” tip? Drink green!  Many party beverages are available organic, and the price is coming into line with conventional products.

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